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Stan Kenton Album Reviews

Find album reviews for jazz artist Stan Kenton.


  • This Modern World (1953) A
  • Portraits on Standards (1953) A-
    • Example #2 of why Stan Kenton may be a better arranger/conductor than composer. This collection of covers features soft and subtle arrangements, which make the brass climaxes all the more volcanic.
  • Contemporary Concepts (1955) B+
    • A sterling rendition of “Yesterdays” saves this LP from being a run-of-the-mill placeholder set. By this point in his career, Kenton had retired his early avant-garde experiments in favor of a back-to-basics approach of controlled, syncopated swing. The material is far from essential yet the Kenton Orchestra close to peak form.
  • Duet (1955, with June Christy) A-
  • Kenton in Hi-Fi (1956) A-
  • Cuban Fire! (1956) B+
  • Kenton with Voices (1957) C+
  • Rendezvous with Kenton (1957) C+


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