Newsletter: Week of 1/31/22

Sopranos Reviews Coming Soon!

LK writes: “Why haven’t you done seasons 5 and 6? Your comments are wonderful and I hope you ‘finish up’ your analysis!”

I appreciate the encouraging words, LK. And yes, I know it’s taken me years to finish my Sopranos reviews, and for that I sincerely apologize. The difficulties of balancing a full-time job and a gregarious social life has too often put Colin’s Review on the backburner.

But good news!

The plan is to write at least one Sopranos episode review (and one Mad Men review) each week until the series is finished. I promise all my faithful readers out there that I’m re-dedicating myself to Colin’s Review, so expect a healthy quantity of consistent content output moving forward.

*Also, thank you LK for using the Colin’s Review Contact Form. Please feel free to reach out!

Hosting Ads on the Website

I’ve recently begun hosting ads on the website. I’m still getting the hang of where and how to place them, so feel free to reach out about the user experience, which will always come before monetization at Colin’s Review.

Neil Young (and Joni Mitchell) Protest Against Spotify (and Joe Rogan)

Neil Young and Joni Mitchell have pulled their music from Spotify due to “misinformation” on the platform regarding COVID, namely for Spotify giving such a prominent spotlight to podcast host Joe Rogan. Naturally, Young and Mitchell have received both praise and criticism for their decisions. I tend to fall somewhere in the middle — it’s great that these two prominent protest artists are taking a stand for what they believe in, but then again I don’t think Joe Rogan is poisoning America quite as much as those on the Left will have you believe. Feel free to weigh in below.

New Albums Coming Out this Friday

Notable album releases for Friday, February 4th include new LPs by Mitski, Animal Collective and Korn. Will Mitski build upon 2018’s magnificent Be the Cowboy? Can Avey Tare and co. release their first good LP in over a decade? Was Korn ever good? All questions that will be answered by the end of the week.

Newsletter: Week of 1/31/22

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