Songs of Jimmie Rodgers (Lefty Frizzell)

Artist: Lefty Frizzell

Year: 1951

Genre: Country

Grade: B+

“I listen to everything except country. Well, I don’t hate country. I like the old stuff. Hank Williams, uh, Willie Nelson…Johnny Cash, y’know, the old stuff. Nowadays, country ain’t country. It’s refried shit.”

That’s how many a hipster conversation goes, the kick-off question usually being “What kind of music do you listen to?” But if you really want to impress your Americana friends, just name-drop Lefty Frizzell. Or Jimmie Rodgers. You can’t go wrong.

This is easy-going country — folk mixed with cracker blues combined with pop. Pleasurable cowboy melodies, an acoustic jamboree and the pure voice of a good ole boy that would make George Strait proud.

Perfect music for raking leaves.

Songs of Jimmie Rodgers (Lefty Frizzell)

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