Art Tatum

Art Tatum

Art Tatum – Biography

Art Tatum was born in 1908 in Toledo, Ohio. Partially blind, he was interested in the piano at an early age and possessed a remarkable ear for intonation. Tatum was primarily influenced by the stride stylings of Fats Waller and James P. Johnson. Over time, he developed an intricate and technically proficient style of performance that redefined what was possible on a piano. Word of his preternatural talent began to spread, and jazz giants like Duke Ellington and Fletcher Henderson stopped by Toledo on tour to watch him play.

He recorded throughout the decade, toured around the country and was one of the most successful and respected jazz musicians of his generation. Tatum’s popularity waned in the following years due to the advent of bebop, yet he remained true to his original style and recorded several acclaimed LPs before his death in 1956.

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