Here’s Little Richard

Here's Little Richard

Artist: Little Richard

Year: 1957

Genre: Rhythm & Blues

Grade: A

A wop bop a-lu bop a wop bam boom. Little Richard kicks down the door, pounds on the family piano, belts out a high-pitched “WOOO!!” and, suddenly, everyone is shaking their asses 1950s style.  It’s the devil’s music right in your living room.  “Tutti Frutti,” one of the most important songs in rock ‘n’ roll history, has been known to do that to people.

My favorite moments from Little Richard’s energetic debut tend to be the saxophone rave-ups, but the hip-hopping beat is nothing to scoff at either.  Likewise, the singer’s gritty voice brings R&B electricity to an unsuspecting, white audience. Here’s Little Richard is everything a rock & roll album should be.

Here’s Little Richard

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