Bud Powell’s Moods

Artist: Bud Powell

Year: 1956

Genre: Bebop

Grade: A-

Bud Powell may have only been 32-years-old, yet he seemed to be past his prime by 1956. However, the fact remained that he was still a living legend. Moods may only be a minor entry in Powell’s discography, but it still contains shades of genius that can’t be found anywhere else.

Full of short standards, the LP finds Powell building on the nervous energy last heard on 1954’s Amazing Bud Powell Volume Two. The all-star pianist dives further into expressionism than ever before, laying down some of his most memorable tracks, including pensive renditions of “Moonlight in Vermont” and “It Never Entered My Mind.”

It sounds strange to call this Moods a late-period Powell LP, but it definitely seemed like his career was starting to wind down. When you burn twice as bright, you only last half as long. But this is far from his last great album.

Bud Powell’s Moods

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