Vocal Jazz in 1954

Something Cool


Artist: June Christy

Genre: Vocal Jazz

Year: 1954



Grade: A-

From singing avant-garde swing in Stan Kenton’s orchestra, to capitalizing on sultry Peggy Lee-style lullabies, June Christy was always well-suited for the spotlight. “Something Cool” and “Lonely House” have an aura of mystery — subtly atonal key changes from the orchestra — that separate her from her more pop-oriented peers. This is an album that has aged like fine wine, highlighted by idiosyncratic arrangements and a dynamic vocal performance.

Chet Baker Sings


Artist: Chet Baker

Genre: Cool Jazz

Year: 1954



Grade: A-

Chet Baker’s got a little rock’n’roll in his voice, somewhere between Johnnie Ray and Brian Wilson. But definitely not a Sinatra, to name a contemporary. These arrangements are pure West Coast jazz, making him neither a crooner nor a swinger. Though “My Buddy” makes me wonder…




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