Artist: Miles Davis

Year: 1958

Genre: Hard Bop

Grade: A

The title track is one of the greatest songs in jazz in history; so well-known and legendary that it stands separate from the album that take its name. However, that doesn’t mean the rest of Milestones should be overlooked — this is some of the hardest rocking hard bop that Miles Davis ever recorded.

Filled with several lengthy tracks that provide opportunity for each bandmate to stretch out, Milestones features impeccable chemistry. In particular, the 13-minute “Sid’s Ahead” is a tour-de-force that never lets up, each instrument feeding off the energy of the rest. It’s rare to find this much intricacy between musicians, even considering Davis’ lofty standards.

By 1958, Davis’ playing had reached a new level of creativity. Through and through, Milestones may be the legendary trumpeter’s most energetic, explosive and exhilaratingly inspired recording.



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