The Sopranos recap updates

Hello dear readers,

For those of you who were wondering, I’ll be looking to pick up the pace on several of my unfinished “projects” in the coming weeks.  For one, my Sopranos reviews have been stagnant for a couple months after I made it midway through season 3.  To remedy this, I’ll be re-editing/touching up the reviews I have already published to make them a little more “professional.”  After that, I’ll jump back in from where I left off.

Same thing goes for my Game of Thrones reviews.  The other TV series’ that I’ve left unfinished (Halt and Catch FireMr. RobotThe Leftovers, etc.) will be picked back up in due time.

This summer, I’m hoping to start what I call “The Twin Peaks Project”: an extensive analysis of the Twin Peaks franchise.

As always, thank you for reading, and I’ll return the favor by doing some more writing.a543f7d18f9ef1c6d0fef2c6c1a6889c

The Sopranos recap updates

2 thoughts on “The Sopranos recap updates

  1. Hey man glad to see you’re starting up the sopranos reviews soon! Can you tell me which reviews you’ll be editing so I can check out what you now think of them?

    1. Most of the edits are just structural changes of the review themselves, with some being pretty substantial. However, I did go back and give the series premiere a much higher grade.

      I’m nearly done with season one re-edits and should be on season two within the next couple days!

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