Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson – Biography

Robert Johnson was born in 1911 and grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. Although not much is known about his life, it can be determined that he was relatively well-educated with a passion for all forms of blues music. At first, he was known as an accomplished harmonica player but an embarrassingly bad guitarist, as described by fellow Delta blues musician Son House. After Johnson resurfaced a year or two later with a mastery of the acoustic guitar, House claimed that he must’ve sold his soul to the Devil, thus spawning the most famous of all blues legends.

Johnson participated in only two recording sessions and died mysteriously in 1937. Nevertheless, he became the most famous and influential blues musician of all time, in part due to his mythos but more so due to his music, which pushed the Delta blues to its absolute creative limit. Keep reading below for Robert Johnson album reviews and accolades.


  • King of the Delta Blues Singers (1937) A+


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