One Dozen Berrys | Chuck Berry Album Review

Artist: Chuck Berry

Year: 1958

Genre: Rock and Roll

Grade: A-

Culled from re-recordings, previously released material and five brand new ones, Chuck Berry’s sophomore LP finds the godfather of rock & roll in rare instrumental form for 12 scorching tracks. This may be the finest group recording that Berry and his bands ever released. As usual, his guitar is infectious — everyone from Keith Richards to Curt Kirkwood owe Chuck a piece of their career. But the piano playing of Johnnie Johnson and Lafayette Leak is indispensable, even overshadowing Berry’s solos in some spots. Maybe I’ve been listening to “Rockin’ at the Philharmonic” too much, but I think these guys give can give Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis a run for their money.

One Dozen Berrys | Chuck Berry Album Review

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