Random Rankings

Random Movies, Ranked

For a while (a couple weeks at most), I was attempting to write “weekly movie reviews.” However, I watch a lot of movies in any given week, and I quickly found myself unable to keep up.

So now I have an idea that seems, for now, far more feasible … and better. Welcome to “Random Rankings,” where the reviews are shorter, but the number of movies is larger. Basically, I take all the movies I watch in a two-week basis, write a brief, witty microanalysis of each one, and then rank them from best to worst.

What I find interesting about it — and I hope you will, too — is that many of these films have probably never been ranked alongside each other. For example, what do Tropic Thunder and Donnie Brasco have in common, aside from the fact that I happened to rent them from the library at the same time? That’s the genius of “Random Rankings.”

Fink links to each Random Ranking article below:

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