Mad Men S1E2: “Ladies Room”

Review of Mad Men’s second episode of season one, “Ladies Day.”

Colin's Review

Directed by Alan Taylor | Written by Matthew Weiner | 47 min

Secretary Blues

By Colin Hart 

8.4 / 10

The first episode of Mad Men was written seven years before the rest of the series was even conceived. Following up such a perfect premiere is a tall task indeed, no matter how much time you have. As a result, “Ladies Room” can sometimes feel a little arbitrary, as if series creator Matthew Weiner is just checking off boxes on the prestige TV playbook.

The larger focus this episode is Don’s stay-at-home wife, Betty, whose existence wasn’t revealed until the final scene of the pilot. Played by a cool and distant January Jones, Betty has her own inner turmoil which has yet to be explored, such as the recent death of her mother and the instability of her marriage. Her plight is sympathetic, though her childish naïveté is cause for concern.

Mad Men prides itself on providing equal opportunity for its female…

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