Mad Men S1E1: “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”

A new(ish) and slightly-edited version of my review of Mad Men’s pilot episode, “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.”

Colin's Review

Directed by Alan Taylor   |   Written by Matthew Weiner   |   48 min

“On the Street Where You Live”

By Colin Hart

9.1 / 10

A day in the life of a 1960s Manhattan advertising executive shouldn’t be exciting. Our main character visits with his girlfriend, berates his coworker and goes out to dinner, all while preparing for a big sales pitch with Lucky Strike cigarettes. Sounds like a bit of a whogivesafuck, right?

Nevertheless, “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” is a perfect way to begin one of the most stylish and esteemed shows in television history. Though Mad Men is largely Matthew Weiner’s brainchild, the series is truly a collaborative effort. From the actors all the way down to the key grips, this pilot is a masterclass in presentation.

If David Chase and David Simon revolutionized TV by incorporating cinematic direction and intricate plotting, Matthew Weiner emphasized the importance of costuming and set design.

The colors are warm, bright…

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