The Sopranos S1E2: “46 Long”

Semi-updated and proofread review of The Sopranos’ second episode.

Colin's Review

“46 Long”

Directed by Dan Attias     |     Written by David Chase     |     50 min

“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.”  

By Colin Hart    

9.2 / 10

Most shows don’t have great second or third episodes, even if they kicked off with a great pilot. Early episodes are often difficult for the writers. It’s a time for the show’s creators to experiment and play around with what works and what doesn’t. Often, these episodes are nothing more than rehashes and variations of the pilot’s blueprint. That’s not the case when it comes to “46 Long,” which feels even more fully-formed than the premiere.

“46 Long” is the only Sopranos episode to begin with a cold open. It’s not a striking scene; rather very plain, just Tony’s crew sitting around, counting money, shooting the shit…

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