South Park S121E4: “Franchise Prequel”

“Franchise Prequel”

Written & Directed by Trey Parker   |   22 min

The Age of Adz

By Colin Hart

7.9 / 10

“Franchise Prequel,” er, acts as a franchise prequel for the South Park video game, The Fractured but Whole. Another way of saying that “Franchise Prequel” is a 30-minute advertisement.

The return of Coon & Friends finds the mini-superheroes in their worst installment yet. Several plot threads are left unresolved (uh, play the game, I guess) and I didn’t quite understand the parody of Mark Zuckerberg. Oh well, at least it was entertaining. Good to see Professor Chaos again.

So get out there and buy that game, everybody! Amazon’s got 19 used and new from $19.95, which is a pretty good deal (not including shipping, of course). Hopefully the game is better than the episode. I thought Parker and Stone were done with serialization?


-Despite the scattershot confusion of this episode, “Franchise Prequel” features a nice critique of fake news and a hilarious takedown of Netflix.

-Not sure what South Park is going for with its dubbed-in, karate-obsessed portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg. We get it; he’s a penis. But that fact alone isn’t necessarily funny. 

Netflix, you’re greenlit, who am I speaking with?


South Park S121E4: “Franchise Prequel”

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